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Our Construction Expertise

Accounting & Financial Services

Development Companies

Our experts will assist in creating realistic budgets and forecasts to plan for project costs, revenue, and cash flow. Our in-depth financial analysis will help identify areas for improvement. We analyze project costs and profitability, helping you identify cost-saving opportunities. We can implement job costing systems to track expenses and revenue for each construction project.

General Contractors

We play a crucial role in helping general contractors maintain financial stability and make informed financial decisions to drive growth and profitability. Navigate the complexities of the construction industry with our team. Our expertise ensures that contractors can focus on project management and construction while leaving financial matters in capable hands.

Real Estate Brokers

Industry-specific regulations and licensing requirements make managing cashflow in order to have sufficient funds for day-to-day operations a critical issue for real estate brokers. We have the experience to assess and manage potential legal and financial risks associated with real estate transactions, and identify areas where costs can be controlled, improving profitability.

Sample the first chapter of our eBook

Written by Mike Bernstein, a tax accountant with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, The Ultimate Guide to the Apartment Development Process maps the planning process of a construction development project.