Audio clips of tax and financial planning from podcasts around the web featuring Mike Bernstein and the accounting team.

Podcast: Born To Talk with Marsha Wietecha

Podcast: Born To Talk with Marsha Wietecha 1080 1080 Bernstein Financial Services

Do you have a personal finance plan?  If you do, how often should you revisit it? How about long-term health care insurance? Mike Bernstein answers all of these questions and more with Marsha Wietecha on the #BornToTalk post.


Podcast: Simple Saving Strategies

Podcast: Simple Saving Strategies 866 726 Bernstein Financial Services

Mike Bernstein spoke to Denise Griffitts, host of Your Partner In Success podcast. Click the button below to listen. Some show highlights Include:

  • [10:15]  The “envelope” budgeting strategy
  • [14:00] – Credit cards debt & cash flow statements
  • [21:00] – Questions to ask when choosing a tax advisor
  • [36:00] – Why would single people who have no children need insurance?  
  • [40:00] – Simple long-term college saving strategies

Denise Griffitts is a long-time online business creator and marketer, online business manager, and web developer. Your Partner In Success Radio has been identified as one of the best business podcasts you need to be listening to now on INC. com.


Podcast: Essential Questions for Small Business Owners

Podcast: Essential Questions for Small Business Owners 1080 1080 Bernstein Financial Services

Michael Bernstein spoke to Michael Manahan, a professor of personal finance. Click the button below to listen.

Some show highlights include:

  • [6:50] Retirement planning for small business owners
  • [28:00] Tax advice for small business owners

Podcast: Retirement Planning & More

Podcast: Retirement Planning & More 1080 1080 Bernstein Financial Services

To hear Mike Bernstein on The Kim Pagano Show on 12/26/2020, click the button below. Some show Highlights Include:

  • We have four children and we don’t know how much to leave for after we’re gone. What are your thoughts?
  • How often should I revisit my financial plan?
  • Do I need a trust or can I draft a will?

The radio show also featured:

Nina Sloan Rubin is an Independent Lifeware Distributor and Social Marketer at Modere North America. Three years ago at age 65, Nina was introduced to a Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen/ HA Matrix… She fell in love with it and the results…She began to “Share the Love” (earning Product Credits), and shortly after that she decided to go join the business. Nina believes in Clean Living and Holistic Health and she loves helping others feel and look good. Nina will be discussing how to connect virtually through food, technology, and more.

Susan R. Bailey, MD, an allergist/immunologist from Fort Worth, Texas, was elected president of the American Medical Association in June 2020. Previously, she served as president-elect of the AMA for one year, speaker of the AMA House of Delegates for four years and as vice speaker for four years. Dr. Bailey will be discussing the topic of scaled back traditional gatherings to help prevent further spread of COVID-19.