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Podcast: Personal Finances for Momtrepreneurs

Podcast: Personal Finances for Momtrepreneurs 1080 1080 Bernstein Financial Services

The mission of My Mam’s Kitchen Talk Radio is to provide listeners with a resource vibrant with motivational, inspirational, and spiritual stories from guests, especially moms doing extraordinary feats, instilling a positive attitude in our global community.

On February 2, 2021, Mike Bernstein spoke to Johnny Tan, host of My Mam’s Kitchen Talk Radio. Listen below!

  • [11:00] – Why did you decide to write The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Personal Finances
  • [16:00] – How has your work in the construction business helped you contribute to the success of finances?
  • [20:00] – Getting started with cashflow and addressing debt
  • [27:00] – How can business owners quickly improve cashflow?
  • [46:00] – Can we write off a portion of our home expenses due to a Shelter in Place mandate?