Introducing SmartVault Portal

Introducing SmartVault Portal 1110 870 Bernstein Financial Services

It’s now easier than ever to send Bernstein Financial Services your financial documents. Simply upload the files to SmartVault.

Our clients were notified to upload their tax information to our SmartVault portal. We are notified each time you upload documents, but we do not know when you have uploaded ALL of your documents. In order to manage your documents efficiently, please follow the following guidelines when uploading:

– Please accumulate your documents and try to upload them all within a short period of time, say in one day. We will wait approximately 24 hours before starting work so that you have a chance to complete the upload.

– Please try to upload PDF’s, not images.

– Please try to upload documents in groups (even one big scan is fine), not each page separately. It consumes a lot of time to access many separate uploads.

– If you would like to upload the documents over a longer period of time, please email Johana (johana@bernsteinfinancial.com) and let her know that you started and will take some time to finish, and then please email Johana a second time when you are done. This will signal us to start work on your file.