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Bernstein Financial Books


The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Personal Finances

By the time you finish The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Personal Finances, you’ll know exactly what it takes to create a secure and stable financial future. “The Big 6!” of personal finance include:

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning

Coming Soon

The Ultimate Guide to the Apartment Development Process

Whether you’re developing a 4-unit or 40-unit apartment building, you’ll see exactly what it takes to follow the project through to its completion. You’ll find out what it takes to get the right permits, curate a good team, and halt delays. Think of this book as your guide to running a successful development from start to finish.


About the Author

Michael Bernstein MBA, EA is the owner of Bernstein Financial Services, an accounting and tax consultancy firm that has served small businesses, construction clients, lawyers and retirees in Southern California for over 30 years. He specializes in tax, retirement, estate, cash flow, insurance and college planning. A lifelong marathon runner, Michael completed the Arkansas Traveler, a 100 mile race in 2008. Follow Mike for free workouts and tax advice on YouTube.